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Swale Work Center


The Arrowhead IHC duty station is located at the Swale Work  Center in the Grant Grove area of Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks. The location is 55 miles east of Fresno in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at an elevation of 6240 feet. The work center is situated in a Sequoia-mixed conifer forest, with a pleasant climate: temperatures range from the 20's to high 80's and very little precipitation from June to September, though summer thunderstorms are not uncommon.  Snow is not unusual during late September and October.

Accommodations are available at the station, with two or three people per cabin. The cabins are rustic; each is carpeted, with electricity, and heat is provided by a wood stove. One of the Arrowhead housing units.Individual storage space is limited. Quarters charges run about $80 per month (Current as of 2016). There are also camping sites at the station for visiting friends and relatives of crew members. No individual cooking or food storage facilities are available at the station, but a crew mess operation is provided; most crew members find this arrangement to their liking. Meal costs run about $6.50 per meal (Current as of 2016). Food storage and preparation inside cabins are prohibited due to past problems with bears.  Secure storage lockers are provided outside each cabin. 

Activities in the surrounding area include swimming, fishing, Hume Lakeboating, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, wildlife viewing, hunting and 4WD trails. There are some facilities within walking distance of the work center: small store, post office, restaurant, and a Visitor Center. The station has facilities for volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, weight lifting, as well as a TV/DVD with a satellite, a pool table, and a sauna.  Streaming digital content via internet is not available.  Cell service is spotty.